Credits & Qualifications

Qualifications and Training

Grad Dip (Film & TV)

QUT (2006)

  • Graduated with Distinction

BA (Media & Drama)

UQ (2004)

  • Graduated with GPA 6.0

Short Courses

Complete Continuity (2009)
Course with Script Supervisor Paul Kiely (Open Channel)

Credit Lists

Short Films

Bite Club - Supernatural Action (2015)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Kim Huynh

Hitch - Drama (2014)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Poppy Walker & Sophie Hexter

Black Betty - Drama (2013)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Robert Braiden

Home Invasion Drama/Action (2013)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Trevor Smith

Power the Kid Superhero Drama (2013)
Script Supervisor

Dir. Alex Barnes

Devasdating Romantic Comedy (2013)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Simon Temple

Cough Horror/Drama (2012)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Jason Kempnich

Day of the Deadline Horror (2012)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Brad Gaylard

Ink Drama (2012)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Robert Braiden

Timing Light Drama (2012)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Tamara Whyte

Blood Hollow Supernatural Drama (2011)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Brad Gaylard

Ubermensch Superhero Drama (2009)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Simon Temple

30 Second Love Romantic Comedy (2009)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Desi Achilleos

Mavis Hannah Drama (2008)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Katelynd Griffin

Harry the Great Drama (2008)
Script Supervisor
Dir. Dean Gibson

Feature Films

"Burns Point" - Thriller (2014)
Script Supervisor
Starring: Andrew Lowe, Francesca Bianchi, Ron Kelly and John McNeill
Director: Tim Blackburn
Producer: Chris Blackburn

"A Heartbeat Away" - Musical (2010)
Script Supervisor
Starring: Sebastian Gregory and Isabel Lucas
Director: Gale Edwards
Producers: Chris Fitchett and Chris Brown

"Arctic Blast" - Science Fiction (2009)
Script Supervisor (Australia/Main Unit)
Starring: Michael Shanks and Indiana Evans.
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Producer: Gina Black

"$quid" - Horror/Comedy (2008)
Script Supervisor, Stills Photographer
Starring: Josh Lawson and Ed Kavalee.
Director: Daley Pearson and Luke Tierney
Producer: Candice Preddy

Other Work

Digital Toolkit Educational (2014)
Digital Queensland

Once You Forget - The Magic Bones (2012)
Music Video
Script Supervisor
Dir. Siobhan Mulready

Alternative Fuels Educational (2011)
CDX Auto

Equine Biomechanics Educational (2012)
Equine Hoofcare

Hoof Balance & Function Educational (2012)
Equine Hoofcare

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